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Stimulation from penis length. Unfortunately, there are some problems with this theory, including the fact that ejaculate is most often accompanied by urine, which can kill sperm. Erotic Touch Think of the organization of this entire chapter as follows: Some respondents also reported different types of sexual stimulation that led to ejaculation at orgasm.

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Blended orgasm is a combination of any or all of the above, characterized by both contractions of orgasmic platform and breath holding. For Freud, the transfer of sexual responsivity from the clitoris to the vagina was a transfer that signaled emotional and sexual maturity. PSA is an enzyme usually found in male semen that aids in sperm mobility.

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More specifically, there is a predictable albeit short lived rise in both heart rate and blood pressure that begins shortly before sexual climax starts. Laura Moreno in Sex on the railroad tracks.

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