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However, Ole Schou, the chief executive of Cryos, Denmark, the world's biggest sperm bank, and whose franchise Patil has taken up in Mumbai, has said in an interview that not all donors come with altruistic motives: That makes it Rs340 per week or a cool Rs1,364 per month -- enough to pay for his meals and still have something to spare for movies and cigarettes. They look nothing like the sun, however, though one of them is from IIT, Powai. Only, if every infertile couple thinks that way, sperm banks will have to shut down and Pawar will struggle to pay his mess bills.

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In which case, Pawar, theoretically, can indeed father 75 children; that too from 75 different women -- a prospect that rivals Genghis Khan's achievement in the seed-dispersal department. Hard though it may be to believe in a country like India, the demand for quality sperm far outstrips the supply.

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So what happens if, say, a couple from Bandra use sperm from donor X, and another couple from Chinchpokli also use a sample from donor X, and the Bandra couple have a son B, and the Chinchpokli couple have a daughter C, and B and C meet in college, and fall in love and get married and have kids? I'll treat every child as if it's my own. This ties in with the rising number of infertility cases in India, with as much as 10-15 per cent of all Indian couples estimated to be infertile. News Selected news stories from the international press relating to Asian In Fertilities:

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