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The most respected of the Tao theorist, Sun Simiao, quoted above, recommends ejaculation no more than once every 20 days for men over 50 and no more than once every 100 days for men over 60. Michael Leitzmann, published in the 2004 Journal of American Medical Association his research conclusions that "Our results suggest that ejaculation frequency is not related to increased risk of prostate cancer. One Tao theorist recommends ejaculation based upon the frequency of intercourse rather than day intervals with ejaculation only 2 or 3 times in 10. The research also showed that the peak levels were at day 7 Tao Risks of Too Frequent Ejaculation When sex is performed with the recommended Tao frequency, it becomes an inexhaustible source of energy, like a well that never runs dry.

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As a bit of a man's sexual essence is used with each ejaculation, Tao teaches that ejaculation frequency should be regulated to permit a man's body to rebuild the sexual energy between ejaculations before it is used up again through ejaculation. There are significant physiologic. However as each man is different, we each need to determine for ourselves which level of frequency leaves us most strong and refreshed instead of tired, empty and depressed. Frequent Sex but Infrequent Ejaculation Ejaculation control and discipline is not to be confused with frequency of sex.

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It is also considered harmful to ejaculate when ill, drunk or gorged with food. Another Tao theorist more recommends robust men may have more ejaculations than other men but recommends ejaculation control and restrained frequency for both.

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