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Half the time there is a problem with the man so you need him to do a test. Melissa - August 2.

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I am going to be going through my 2nd IVF cycle. It's no more difficult for a man to get tested than for a woman. What do I do?

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What people say about fertility problems is a personal choice - both my husband and I are happy to talk about them and don't feel fertility problems are anything to be ashamed of or keep hidden. Ask him if there's nothing wrong with him why is he too chicken to do the test or tell him they give you porno mags at the doctors - do whatever it takes. Chances Of High-order Multiples? Hope this has helped!

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I've agreed to go for tests but my boyfriend refuses to think there could be something wrong with him. What do I do? My husband had his semen analysis at the same time I sought the help of a fertility specialist 3 years ago. It's no more difficult for a man to get tested than for a woman.

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