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Finally, part, or all, of the foreskin is then removed. Another reason for this adaptation is due to the nature of the human posture, gravity creates vulnerability for semen loss. A female's phenotypic quality is a key determinant of a male's ejaculate investment.

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The human penis has been argued to have several evolutionary adaptations. In the table, zero degrees is pointing straight up against the abdomen, 90 degrees is horizontal and pointing straight forward, while 180 degrees would be pointing straight down to the feet. Therefore, a long penis, which places the ejaculate deep in the vaginal tract, could reduce the loss of semen.

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Sperm on his nipple

The human penis is made up of three columns of tissue: It must be combined with adequate thrusting to be successful. But, on 19 September after two weeks , the surgery was reversed because of a severe psychological problem rejection by the recipient and his wife. Bioengineered corporal tissue for structural and functional restoration of the penis".

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Boczko S, Freed S November 1979. The New York Times.

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