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Uncensored Pokemon Hentai Hot Nude. That's what you call a trap star I could get the kingpin charged for these rap bars [Outro] That's right nigga, we still do this shit Man on the street tip too man, we touch things Y'knahmean like the body shop we touch shit up man Get this shit movin man, it's Loso Big shout to that Street Fam, what it look like y'all?

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Killer Kev My nigga Top, whattup Mike? Style Yea, Its bout to get real hard for these niggas to move man Somebody get these niggas some wheelchairs or somethin Goin to war is still a scary issue But in my hood they train to kill wit every pistol Like they military issue Guess you a star if you sell a million every disc two Catch a gun case and bounce and still they'll barely frisk you Cuz, I proved I move the retail Make the smoothest grooves wit female And I remove the rules on V12's You aint never seen it move this smooth on sprewell's I'm a hustler, you just a middle man to me The way I pass the rock could make Jason Kidd a fan of me Just cop one joint, I'm a one point somethin Still I'll have you at gunpoint, with one joint dumpin So watch what you say to them crackers Ill put a couple G's on yer head like you play for the Packers I'm rap's Labron James, I quickly see baskets These scrubs wouldn't make it to the Mickey-D's classics You got some sticky weed?

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Could take a little pain, I see them tattoos in her flash. Cryin, lyin that she never did it Some women are Clemons, they just keep goin with it Don't sweat it, be like Pettite, just admit it And for the record they be sayin Barry Bonds hit it Get it? I caught him walkin out the building slow, quickly I draw the toast Shoulda saw his face, looked like he saw a ghost He kept backin up, I'm tryin to draw him close He's sayin "Chill! Now we give it up over here Got the drinks on ice and the watch on ice Now the hoes feeling nice I only give a fuck about my team Now all the bad bitches fuck my team Look I'm at your stack with the rule I'm getting googled by the youngest and the cougars I got a team of guys working at hooters These nigger win fake dough trying to fool us My female friends they all booji Off that Miley courtesy yours truly Yeah hey hood red girl baby girl Life is if your head good Look I feel like I got wings on Chain so heavy them sling bitches can swing on Boss bitches and fast cars Look I'm back star and my ass up Got the drinks on ice and the watch on ice Now the hoes feeling nice What else?

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